About Us

Our Story

We love desserts, and we enjoy making healthy desserts at home. When we went out to eat, we would look for healthy options but always had a hard time finding anything that met our dietary preferences while also tasting great. We always felt either cheated or left out based on the options available. We believe that everyone should not have to put up with unhealthy desserts or pass on them because of their dietary restrictions. Desserts can be made to be healthy, nutritious, and delicious using only 100% plant-based ingredients to satisfy your cravings without any guilt.

We founded Nabati Foods in Edmonton, AB with our vision to change the perception of vegan food by creating compelling, artistic, raw vegan desserts that are nutritious as well as delicious for everybody.

We founded Nabati Bistro in Montreal, a new venture, as part of our continued efforts towards achieving our vision and mission. We want to share our 100% Plant-based Gluten-free desserts and healthy meals that everyone can enjoy without sacrificing taste nor nutrition. Thus driving evolution in the vegan scene as well as in the food service industry in Canada by changing the perception of vegan food, improving the overall health of Canadians, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of raw vegan foods and desserts into everyone’s diets. This is why we work hard to make our healthier plant-based treats available at stores, cafes, restaurants, universities, and hospitals across Canada.

Our Ingredients

We use whole (NON-GMO), unrefined fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Dates (one of our main ingredients) are used as our main sweetener, as well as for their nutritional value. From dates, we produce our in-house caramel, date paste, and syrup. Without artificial colouring, the naturally bright colours of our products are made with vegetables, increasing the nutritional value without compromising on taste. We source our ingredients from reputable as well as reliable suppliers that source our ingredients as direct as possible from producers fairly.